Certified Organic Little Gem Lettuce

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Producer: Plowbreak Farm
Product Attributes: Certified Organic


Lettuce, Little Gem- A very popular lettuce variety that can be described as combination between Butter and Romaine lettuce, Little Gem has a crisp texture like Romaine and sweetness like Butter lettuce. This heirloom variety has small, thick, juicy, green leaves and a pale green heart. Little Gem is increasingly popular, because unlike other leaf lettuce, these will not taste bitter when mature. Their consistency and sweet flavor makes this a favorite among chefs.

This lettuce works well in mixed salads, sandwiches, as a vessel for dips, and is often times split lengthwise and grilled. Like many sturdy broad leaf greens, Little Gem makes a great lettuce wrap. This lettuce holds up well when dressed with thick dressings and pairs well with soft to medium cheeses and toasted nuts.

To store heads of lettuce, wrap in a damp paper towel and put the head in a sealed plastic bag, kept cool in the refrigerator. Properly stored heads of lettuce can last a couple of weeks. If your lettuce is not too badly wilted, you can revive it! Crisp it up by soaking it in ice water for a few minutes. Store lettuce away from produce that releases ethylene (pears, avocados, apples) because their gas causes other produce to prematurely age.

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