Gold Beets

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Producer: Dagele Bros. Produce

Producer: Dagele Bros. Produce

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Light reddish yellow skin covers globular roots with sweet golden flesh marked with pale rings. Golden beets have a bright sweetness with a subtle vegetal flavor. More mild and smooth than red beets but still packed with nutrients, gold beets are becoming more and more popular as an exciting alternative or accompaniment to the classic red. While some are scared off by hard, earthy raw and unpeeled beets, once prepared these bulbous roots showcase truly amazing flavors celebrated by many. Beets are used medicinally, as coloring agents and are the source of the majority of U.S. sugar production. We recommend roasting beets and pairing their rich sweetness with a fresh ricotta or chevre, topped with something crunchy and crisp. Beet Greens and stems are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, can be seasoned and sauteed or even thinly sliced and mixed raw into salads or smoothies. Beet varieties are part of the species Beta vulgaris which also includes chard, and is included in the amaranth family composed of mostly bushes, shrubs, some edible herbs and perhaps most notably, spinach. -No less than 1.5” in diameter. -Beets will last longest stored in a cold humid environment, we recommend keeping them in a fridge in a plastic bag with a small opening.

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