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Cherries- A stone fruit, the word cherry stems from the ancient Norman word cherise. They are thought to have originated in Greece and then first arrived in America during the 1800s with Dutch farmers emigrating to Brooklyn. Cherries are delicious and fun to eat, the messiness being part of their charm. High in polyphenols, which reduce inflammation and cell damage and a member of the anthocyanin family, cherries are a nutritional powerhouse.

The most common variety is the sweet red cherry. Known for its firm exterior and juicy interior, these cherries are boldly sweet with a vibrant finish. Red cherries have a bright red color and a taut texture when ripe.

Once cherries are pitted, they can be used in a multitude of amazing desserts - Black Forest cake being a favorite around here, a delicious jam or pie filling, a balsamic reduction for savory dishes, or add them to pizzas with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and basil or thyme.

Cherries have a longer shelf life than many berries, but are best freshly picked. They should be stored in the fridge for at most, 5 days. However unlike many other berries, cherries retain their flavor better when refrigerated. Store cherries in a ventilated container or produce bag to avoid moisture saturation.

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