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There’s food, and then there’s GOOD food. GOOD food is grown and crafted as a labor of love, and a lifestyle. It’s nourishing, enjoyable, and creates benefits for our whole community and the earth too. GOOD food is an experience that doesn’t end once the dishes are done.

    GOOD Farms

    We work with small, family farms from NYS & the surrounding regions, dedicated to sustainable practices, diverse planting, animal-welfare, and innovative growing techniques. Our network of partner farms are the foundation of a sustainable future and the roots of a GOOD food system.

    GOOD Business

    As a Certified B-Corp we believe in the power of business to create positive change. Our Food Hub model works in partnership with farmers, processors, and customers of all types to think, plan, and act together collaboratively. Our business model seeks to build a collective success and a path towards a more socially, economically, and environmentally just food system.

    GOOD Team

    The Team at Headwater represents an incredibly talented, passionate, and dedicated group of people who believe GOOD food can change the world. We are committed to social and environmental justice, innovation and collaboration, and the process of being great at what we do.

    GOOD Values

    A GOOD food system is built on principles of social, economic, and environmental justice. Headwater is committed to clear and articulated values that guide our business as we build that GOOD food system.

    Our Values