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Our GOOD food sourcing strategies


GOOD food is fresh, clean, minimally processed, and nutrient dense. GOOD food choices should offer a wide variety of appealing and nutritious choices and the foundation to personal health.


GOOD food is grown or raised using sustainable, if not regenerative, agricultural practices and minimal packaging to support and enhance local and regional ecosystems and to combat climate change.


Fair labor practices are used to grow, raise, & process GOOD foods. Sourcing promotes local ownership, small to mid-sized farms and businesses, and an inclusive and living economy based on mutual respect and safety.


GOOD food engages systems that include animals that are pasture-raised, fed their natural diets, and husbanded and harvested humanely.


GOOD food is delicious, flavorful & unique with abundant varieties that tell the story of the land, farmers & regional food cultures. GOOD food brings families and communities together to connect & celebrate

The GOOD Marketplace we're building


A GOOD marketplace builds trust by identifying participants, including farms of origin, processors and customers. Customers and producers alike can verify with whom they are working.


A GOOD marketplace creates connections that promote positive, mutually-beneficial interactions and vibrant networks. A GOOD marketplace simultaneously invests in the economic and social capital of a community, supporting engagement, connection, and a community’s capacity to create and retain social values and local wealth.


A GOOD marketplace is welcoming to all and thrives on broad participation on all levels and from all directions; allowing diverse, independent farmers and producers access to vibrant markets and diverse customers and consumers access to their choice of GOOD foods.


A GOOD marketplace is guided by the collective intelligence of everyone involved and operates best with everyone working together as partners; creating shared prosperity among partners and the foundation for collective, interdependent, and sustainable success.


A GOOD marketplace intentionally promotes broad-based participation across a wide diversity of producers and customers to reduce collective risks and ensure durability during ecological, economic and/or societal challenges. A GOOD marketplace is committed to on-going innovation and a GOOD food future for all.