We make good food work for everyone

Good food works for all of us. It’s healthful, wholesome, and delightful. It’s produced close to home with care for its ecological, economic, and social impact. It’s something to celebrate.

Every food choice we make has an impact, but choices can be hard. Headwater is evolving our food system so good food is the easy choice. And when good food is commonplace, humanity and nature work in harmony. We’re creating that future by empowering producers, enabling sustainable choices, and growing our good food community.

Our Promises

We empower producers by offering flexibility and finding opportunities for growth and distribution that support their best practices and way of life.

We enable sustainable choices by collaborating closely with our producer and customer partners in order to make good food viable, convenient, and inclusive, no matter the circumstance.

We grow our good food community by cultivating an accessible and vibrant regional network that integrates ecological, commercial, and social systems for the common good.

Certified B-Corp

As a Certified B-Corp we believe in the power of business to create positive change. Our Food Hub model works in partnership with farmers, processors, and customers of all types to think, plan, and act together collaboratively. Our business model seeks to build a collective success and a path towards a more socially, economically, and environmentally just food system.