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Our food system has many moving parts

To bring good food to the table, we work with partners across New York State and beyond to support a values-based supply chain.

Learn more about our business segments and contact us for more information.

We deliver regional, high-quality meat, produce, dairy & more to chefs, institutions, & retailers. Our customers can easily order through our online marketplace featuring current pricing and to-the-minute availability. We offer multiple delivery days and regions throughout New York State. Contact our sales team to learn about delivery options in your area

Email: Stefan Schwartz, Director of ProgramsPhone: 585.565.4846

We have created innovative farm-to-school and farm-to-food bank programs that connect school lunch and food assistance efforts with a good food system, quality food options, and multiple layers of community benefit. We offer schools a variety of NYS staples and specialty products that are 30% eligible and work within menu plans and food budgets. We work with food banks to customize, source, and pack produce, protein, dairy, and pantry boxes and deliver them ready to distribute

Email: TC Washington, Director of Community ProgramsPhone: 585.565.4851

Email: Annelise Bay, Community Programs ManagerPhone: 585.565.4858

Email: Madeline Horowitz, Farm to School Program ManagerPhone: 585.565.4847

Producers are the lifeblood of our food system. We support producers at any scale, collaborating to find the best market opportunities and distribute their products to customers who share their values

Email: Silas Conroy, Director of Supply Chain Phone: 585.565.4842

Email: Matt Mortellaro, Produce Supply Chain Manager Phone: 585.565.4857

Email: Fanny Ramos, Grocery Supply Chain Manager Phone: 585.565.4855

We recognize the importance of both government and activism in creating a more sustainable food system. We actively collaborate with these partners to share our expertise to support the development of new programs and initiatives

Email: Chris Hartman, Founder & PresidentPhone: 585.565.4841

Email: Steve Mendola, VP, Business Development & FinancePhone: 585.565.4836

We partner with food processors and manufacturers to both source and supply food inputs for their production requirements as well as further process foods for Headwater's requirements. Contact us to collaborate for a better food supply chain

Email: Silas Conroy, Director of Supply Chain Phone: 585.565.4842

Email: Stefan Schwartz, Director of Programs Phone: 585.565.4846

Email: Steve Mendola, VP, Business Development & FinancePhone: 585.565.4836