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Business Program

Delivering regional, high-quality meat, produce, dairy & more to chefs, institutions, & retailers.

Phil Bianchi

Director of Wholesale | Protein Merchant


Saul Schuster

Protein Supply Chain Manager

saul@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4853

Silas Conroy

Director of Supply Chain | Produce Merchant


Paige Gilbert

Produce Category Manager

paige@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4849

Chelsea Radford

Produce Supply Chain Manager

chelsea@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4857

Stefan Schwartz

Director of Programs | Value-Add (Grocery Items) Merchant

stefan@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4846

Michael Kincaid

Value-Add (Grocery Items) Supply Chain Manager

michael@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4852

Community Program

Programming supply and packing of healthy, regional foods for food banks, K-12 schools, & more.

TC Washington

Director of Community Programs

TC@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4851

Annelise Bay

Community Programs Manager

annelise@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4858

Anna Birn

Farm to School Manager

anna@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4847

Program Contact: community@headwaterfoodhub.com - 585.565.4852

Logistics & Operations Support

Mike Durfee

Logistics Manager


Scotty St. George

Operations Manager - Ontario Hub


Company Address

6318 Ontario Center Rd, Ontario, NY 14519